MLR25 - motor run capacitors

MLR25 - motor run capacitors

ICAR MLR25 capacitors have been designed for motor run applications using only metallized polypropylene film manufactured at ICAR Group Facilities. This is the guarantee of the reliability of all ICAR components. 

ICAR MLR25 capacitors are marked CE and in compliance with  EN60252 standards. They have  VDE and/or  UL approvals as shown in our catalogues . Both P0 and P2 versions are available in ICAR MLR25 series (without or with safety device disconnector).

ICAR MLR25 series include a very wide range of motor run capacitors, suitable for many applications (i.e: Asynchronous Motors, Pumps, Compressors, Fans,  Household  Appliances…..)

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