Product quality and effective in-house processes have always been key factors in ICAR’s corporate strategy.


We deem compliance with international regulations essential for providing our Customers with the devices they need.


Quality system


ICAR Quality System is certified ISO 9001 since 1994.


ICAR takes an active part in the international regulation committees that draw up the laws involving the appliances we produce, industrial capacitors in detail. Such role guarantees we are always in step with the latest regulations, even anticipating them.


o ensure compliance with the strictest standards, our products undergo laboratory tests carried out in our in-house premises, as well as in internationally recognised facilities.



Since 2011 ICAR Quality System is certified IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard).

Promoted by UNIFE (Association of the European Rail Industry) and supported by operators, system integrators and equipment manufacturers, IRIS complements the internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality standard introducing rail specific requirements.

IRIS is modelled on similar quality standards already in place in the aerospace, and automotive industries and it aims at the avoidance of multiple business management system auditing and therefore increased cost efficiency.

Objectivity and transparency are guaranteed by only using approved and independent certification bodies, known and recognized in the industry.

IRIS certification starting from railway capacitors, has positive impact on the whole quality system of ICAR, assuring a high quality standard  for all ICAR products. 





Product quality


ICAR products are all submitted to internal test or  in accreditated laboratories, to obtain compliance with international standards.


ICAR offers products


  • UL compliant
  • CSA compliant
  • IMQ compliant
  • VDE compliant
  • with GOST certification


For further informations about each product, please contact our sales department.