MULTImatic FD25

MULTImatic FD25


  • Zink-passivated metallic enclosure painted with epossidic dust paint, colour RAL 7035.
  • Auxiliary transformer to separate power and auxiliary circuit parts (110V).
  • Load-break switch with door interlock, designed at 1,495* In as per IEC 60831-1 art.34.
  • Contactors.
  • N07V-K self-extinguish cable according to IEC 20/22/II and IEC 50627-2-1 standards.
  • Microprocessor Power Factor Correction relay.
  • Control and protection multimeter MCP5, integrated in RPC8BGA controller.
  • Single phase self-healing bimetallized paper capacitors with Un= 460V rated voltage.
  • Three phase detuning choke with tuning frequency 180Hz (p=7,7%).


Standards (capacitors) CEI EN 60831-1/2
Standards (banks) CEI EN 61439-1/2, CEI EN 61921


Ue: 400V
Un: 460V
UMAX: 500V
f: 50 Hz
THDIR%: ≤60%
fD: 180HZ
THDIV%: ≤6%

Part num.Pow. (kvar)
Icc3 (KA)PFC Cont.Weight
IN5AFF2880507018812,5-25-507250178BGA + MCP5250610x670x1760 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF31385070113812,5-25-2x5011400258BGA + MCP5315610x670x1760 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF31755070117525-3x507400258BGA + MCP5380610x670x1960 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF32255070122525-4x509630258BGA + MCP5460610x670x2160 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF32755070127525-5x5011630258BGA + MCP5520610x670x2360 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3350507013502x25-2x50-2x100142x630258BGA + MCP57401220x670x1980 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3400507014002x50-3x10082x630258BGA + MCP58001220x670x1980 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF34505070145050-4x10092x630258BGA + MCP58601220x670x2180 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3500507015002x50-4x100102x630258BGA + MCP59201220x670x2180 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF35505070155050-5x100112x800508BGA + MCP59801220x670x2380 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3600507016002x50-3x100-200122x800508BGA + MCP510401220x670x2380 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF36505070165050-4x100-200133x630258BGA + MCP513301830x670x2180 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3700507017002x50-2x100-2x200143x630258BGA + MCP513551830x670x2180 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF37505070175050-3x100-2x200153x630258BGA + MCP513801830x670x2180 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3800507018002x50-100-3x200163x800508BGA + MCP514951830x670x2380 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF38505070185050-2x100-3x200173x800508BGA + MCP515251830x670x2380 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
IN5AFF3900507019003x100-3x20093x800508BGA + MCP515601830x670x2380 (IP4X)icon-pdftechn. file
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