LV Capacitors

LV Capacitors


The power factor correction system main component is capacitor on board: it is therefore important to choose it solid and of good quality.

In our power factor correction systems we only use our capacitors production, made entirely from ICAR: in this way, we can offer to our customers the highest guarantee of the equipment reliability. The capacitors used are divided into three different types, which lead to electrical and thermal performance completely different.


polypropylene standard

metallized polypropylene

bimetallized paper capacitors

Polypropylene standard capacitors

Life expectancyLoss of capacitance Voltage withstandAllowed current overloadPeak current withstandOverall reliabilityMax working temperature
 very good lowvery goodgoodvery goodgood55°C

They are made by wrapping a metallized polypropylene film. In function of the film thickness, the layer of metal deposited on the surface and the number of windings made, you get the desired characteristics of capacity, rated voltage, withstand overcurrents etc.

High gradient metallized polypropylene capacitors

Life expectancyLoss of capacitance Voltage withstandAllowed current overloadPeak current withstand Overall reliabilityMax working temperature
very good lowvery goodgoodvery goodgood55°C

The substantial difference with the standard polypropylene capacitors is the mode with which the dielectric

film is metallized: if in the standard capacitors the metal layer thickness deposited on the surface of the film is constant, for those “high gradient” the metal layer has a suitably modulated thickness.

The metallization thickness modulation allows to greatly improve the capacitors (and therefore of the power factor correction systems which are the fundamental component) in terms of:

  • Increase in power density (kvar/dm3) with a consequent power size reduction of the power factor correction systems;
  • Robustness improvement against voltage surges, for greater reliability even in systems with the presence of voltage fluctuations due to the network or maneuvers on the system;
  •  Improved behavior of the internal short circuit withstand.

Bimetallized paper capacitors

Life expectancyLoss of capacitance  Voltage withstandAllowed current overloadPeak current withstand Overall reliabilityMax working temperature

The bimetallized and impregnated paper capacitors are now the most robust solution for industrial power factor correction.

They are made by wrapping a thin sheet of special paper on the surfaces of which is deposited by evaporation process, a infinitesimal layer of metal alloy with function of electrode; between the sheets of paper is placed a polypropylene fi lm with only the dielectric role between electrode.

The ICAR bimetallized paper capacitors are particularly suitable for applications in plants with high harmonic content currents and/or high operating temperatures.