Electronic Fast Switches

Electronic Fast Switches

Electronic Fast Switches are the best and sometimes the sole choice when it is necessary to compensate loads over short periods of time. Examples are steel companies, lifting apparatus (cranes, quay cranes, etc), cable makers (extruders, etc), welding machines, robots, compressors, skiing lift stations, LV industrial networks (chemical plants, paper mills, automotive suppliers). Thyristor switched capacitor bank are also an ergonomic solution where noise can be problematic, like hotels, banks, offices, service infrastructures (telecommunications board, informatics ’boards, hospitals, malls).

Electronic Fast Switches benefits include:

  • Minimises network disturbances such as Voltage Drop and Flicker
  • No moving parts therefore reduced maintenance (i.e. no Electro-magnetic contactors)
  • Enhanced capacitor life expectancy.

Static switches allow unlimited operations.

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