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Open Banks


ICAR has over 70 years experience supply of products to industries characterized by complex power factor correction and harmonic filtering situations (steel mills, paper mills, forging, cement factories) around the world (Saudi Arabia, Russia, Hong Kong, China, Greece, France, Argentina, Brazil, etc.). ICAR solutions are proven of effectiveness, robustness and high reliability

  • Power up to 100Mvar
  • For networks with nominal voltage up to  220kV and with frequency 50 or 60Hz

Tuned capacitor banks

  • Tuned frequency from 2nd to 13th
  • Power up to 100Mvar
  • For networks with voltage up to 150kV and frequency 50 or 60Hz

In case of capacitor banks to be installed inside harmonic current polluted networks, which are generated by no linear loads such as frequency converters, drivers a specific study of the network impedance should be done at the point of capacitor bank connection.


Case history:

IMiddle East Oil Plants

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