Energy storage capacitors

Energy storage capacitors


Icar boasts long standing reputation for designing and producing fast discharge energy storage capacitors. As a matter of fact, in the ‘60s Icar was already producing such items for the leading technical and scientific research laboratories (among them: CERN, ENEA and CESI).

Energy storage capacitors are able to store extremely high energy in limited space without sacrificing reliability, quality and degree of accuracy of on board supply.

Main features are:

 Custom design;

 Dielectric technology:

o Self-healing, metallized film capacitors;

o Self-healing, soggy foil – film capacitors;

o Aluminium foil – film or film/paper or paper capacitors.

 High energy density and high pulse currents.

Icar achieves such performance by controlling the whole production process, from polypropylene to finished capacitors. The applications are different: EML and EMA, Laser, Portable Defibrillators, Plasma Research, Magnetizing Apparatus, Metal Forming, Cable Testing, Rock Fragmentation, Spot Welding, Impulse generators.

For each request, our technical office is at your disposal.

Case history:

Big magnetizer Lighting generator 



Storage energy5 kJ300 kJ
Capacitance0,1 μF20.000 μF
Rated DC voltage2 kV150 kV
Charging time and hold1 secondSeveral minutes
Peak current200 A200 kA
DutyOverdamped dischargeOscillatory discharge with reversal up to 95%
Repetition rate1 discharge per sec1 discharge per hour
Energy density0,1 J/cc1,5-2 J/cc
Shot LifeFew tens shotsSeveral millions shots
DC LifeFew hours100.000 hours