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AC filter Capacitors

DC link Capacitors

MV Capacitors

MV PFC Open and Enclosed Banks

LV Power Factor Correction

Active Filters

PFC Costum Solutions

Metallized polypropylene AF Filter Capacitors, resin impregnated, used in input filters for rectifiers or as filter.

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Metallized polypropylene capacitors, resin impregnated, for DC filtering applications. They easily replace the electrolytic capacitors due to high density energy, high voltage and high current peaks.

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Full range of capacitors for power factor correction systems and harmonic filtering in the MV and HV.

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Indoor or outdoor banks, assembled in racks or enclosed in cabinet, fixed or automatic, with inrush, blocking or harmonic absorption reactors.

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All you need for power factor correction of low voltage electrical systems.

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They solve the problems due to current deformation: delete the current harmonics of the system by measuring and injecting the same currents in phase opposition.

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Parts and trays for customized PFC solutions.

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