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NATO homologated supplier reliability


FREMM (FRigate European Multi-Mission) is the abbreviation that identifies a new generation of frigates, which are the result of a joint project between Italy and France. The first Italian unit, Carlo Bergamini, was delivered to Italian Navy on 14 July 2012. They are realized in three versions: anti-submarine, multirole, and antiaircraft; they can also embark 2 helicopters. FREMM technological equipment is extremely high performance and based on state-of-the-art technologies.

The need is to eliminate conducted/irradiated disturbances to guarantee the safety of information and the good functioning of all on-board electronic equipment.


ICAR, a NATO homologated supplier for decades, has supplied the FREMM special EMI/RFI filters that eliminate conducted/irradiated disturbances.

ICAR filters are used both for the protected ambient energy distribution systems and for the armament systems. They are able to efficiently “cut” the disturbances with frequencies starting from 3kHz as a result of customized design and production methods. The filter’s tension loss is less than 2% and the leak currents have been maintained within the values required by the customer technicians. Because the ship electric system is managed with an IT system, the filters must not create “dispersions” that could mislead the insulation level control system and the protection coordination. Also, from a dimensional perspective, the filters are special, with geometrical solutions designed to be compatible with on-board spaces.


  • Disturbance elimination
  • NATO homologated supplier reliability
  • Customized dimensional solutions


EMI Filters



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